Note to My Followers

At this point, most of my followers have been migrated from this blog to my new blog. If you are seeing this post, you have not been migrated!

This is an easy fix, though. Here’s how to follow the new blog:

If you followed via WordPress: you can head over to and follow the new blog in a number of ways. I think you can still use WordPress to follow (via the “follow” link at the top). You can also follow via Twitter, RSS feed, Tumblr, or email.

May I also suggest BlogLovin’? BlogLovin works like the WordPress reader, but it works with ALL blog sites. I was resistant to the site, but with my recent switch I have become a gleeful convert. It puts all of the blogs I follow (about 100) into a feed. What I like most is that clicking a post will bring it up within the BlogLovin’ site, but the pane shows the blog post as it appears on the blog. This means that, unlike other blog readers, I can see the pretty fonts and designs of people’s posts and blogs, adding that much personality. I can also comment directly on the post, upping my engagement with other book bloggers.

Follow on Bloglovin

If you followed via email: Not all of my email subscribers moved. If you are getting this email, please hop over to the new blog at and re-enter your email address in the “Subscribe” box on the sidebar. It takes 15 seconds. You do not really need to worry about unsubscribing to this email, as this blog will no longer update and, thus, no longer send posts to your inbox.

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5 responses to “Note to My Followers

  1. it is working now, but it didn’t work the first time I clicked on it earlier. It was the link to your new website. It was showing some html code that didn’t look the html page source of a website. Well it is working now. :)

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