Novel Ideas [58]: Small Victories

Novel ideas title simple


In my ongoing battle with Stats II, I experienced an incredible small HUGE victory this week when I got back my midterm exam:


I still don’t feel like I get it, but I think I’m in the safe zone where I probably won’t fail the class. So, there’s that.¬†

Please share your small victories this week!

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10 responses to “Novel Ideas [58]: Small Victories

  1. Congrats! When I was in my PhD program stats classes were always the hardest for me. I felt like I never knew what the professor was talking about during class and it took me forever to understand.

  2. Well done!
    The little interview I had to give over the phone today about the writing contest I might have won (I’m part of the final 10) went really well! (Except for the fact that I told the lady I am 19, and only realised two hours later that I am in fact 20, and had to email her about it… That was quite embarrassing, but also really hilarious, so it’s all good :P )

  3. Congrats! Don’t you just love that feeling when you get back a test and the score is higher than you expected? Sounds like you’re having a pretty nice week.
    Unfortunately, this week, I’ve been empathizing with Ophelia. “When sorrows come, they come not single spies. But in battalions.” It’s newspaper deadline week and all my sources are MIA, I’m way behind on my history homework, and I pulled a muscle in my right calf during a tennis math (I’ve been limping all around my three-story campus to get interviews for three separate news stories, too).

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