Extra Credit | Goodreads!

Extra Credit

Extra Credit is a new weekly(ish) feature where I give a quick shout-out to bookish things I love.

This week, I’m giving Extra Credit to Goodreads!

goodreads graphic

I’m a Goodreads junkie and I’m on the site daily. Mostly I use it to keep track of my reading progress, both on the individual books I’m reading and for my yearly challenge. It’s also my go-to site for reading reviews of books I want to read. I find that this particular community of readers is the best for giving good critical feedback for all kinds of books, especially pre-publication books (since Amazon doesn’t allow reviews until the publication date). Sometimes I even find the time to put some of my own reviews up to contribute to the collective pool. I know the acquisition of the site by Amazon will probably mean changes over the years, but for right now I’m fan and a regular.

Want to be friends on Goodreads? Click here to add me!

Also, Brittany @ The Book Addict’s Guide wrote an awesome post last September about Goodreads, including a cool infographic based on a survey she took of book blogger’s Goodreads habits. Definitely check it out!

Do you use Goodreads? What are your favorite features of the site?

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17 responses to “Extra Credit | Goodreads!

  1. I’m a teenage girl that spends more time on Goodreads than Facebook. If that doesn’t say something about me, I don’t know what does.
    I simply enjoy being able to browse through different genres and look at recommendations. All of my shelves are easily accessible, and I can keep track of how much I’ve been reading.

  2. I love Goodreads as well! I only joined in October or something, but I really like it. I love keeping track of my reading progess and all the books I’ve read, plus their ratings. And like you said, the reviews are pretty helpful as well!
    Also; I just added you! :-)

  3. I’ve been on GR for a little while now, being there is what made me start my own blog. I like most of the features and most of the authors are very approachable. Just going to check out Brittany’s post, thanks for that and will add when when the site’s up again

  4. I love love goodreads! Not only for keeping track of my books, but also the ability the keep up with authors and other readers!

  5. I love Goodreads, although I don’t use it nearly as much as I should to keep track of my reading progress. I should probably explore it a little more and learn about how to better use it.
    Great post!

  6. Good reads is one of my favorite places and I love quite a few of features of this site.It has helped me organise my bookshelves, I love the recommendations and the fact that I can track my progress. The reviews on Goodreads is also quite nice and do check this. Once in a while I like to put in my reviews as well….

  7. I’m glad my friends recommended Goodreads to me last year. It’s a great source for finding new books and I learned that you can win giveaways too! Bonus! And I also started following you.

  8. hii i’m also in goodreads community since last yar. It’s an amazing place to remind me the boos i still have to read. I really appreciate the “to read” list and it’s also interesting to know what my friends are reading, good clues to give them the perfect book as a gift :D

  9. High five for Goodreads! I check that site often. I love the fact that I can see so many opinions or reviews of books. I do like that people an early review. My biggest complaint is when people review a book that is not out yet, and they are just fangirl(boy)ing about it. That drives me nuts. I want to know what you thought of the book, not how excited you are.

  10. I use Shelfari but am also a member of Goodreads. I’ve actually been thinking of switching lately because Shelfari is a bit quit and Goodreads has some tempting features, but I’m so use to it now I don’t know if the trickyness of changing over would be worth it :S

  11. I just started a book challenge on Goodreads, but have been on there website forever! Great site!

  12. I love GoodReads too. It helps me organize my books and track what I’ve read. There are a few books that I am not sure if I read years ago or not! :)

  13. Thanks so much for including my link! I agree, I just love Goodreads. I’m totally a GR junkie and I really do appreciate that I can make pre-pub notes & write pre-pub reviews! There are a few competing sites/apps but to me, GR still takes the cake!

  14. I’m addicted/obsessed with Goodreads. A few months ago when there was that mass exodus because of the whole author drama thing, I was like okay whatever, I’m not going ANYWHERE. I love it far too much. I love listopia! I love being able to see all my friends reviews at the top of a book’s page! I didn’t know Amazon doesn’t let you post a review until the release date!! I’m SO glad there is Goodreads or I’d have to keep track of books I read on my own…. and I’m too lazy for that!

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