So, I Discovered Tumblr

You guys, I discovered Tumblr maybe two months ago, and I’m kind of obsessed with it. Tumblr is a blogging platform, but bloggers use the platform quite differently from how we WordPress/Blogger folks use our blogs. Tumblr is all about the reblog. 

tumblr_logoWhat I like about Tumblr are the bite-sized posts. Users are posting and reblogging photo sets, pictures of books, short thoughts on books/reading, links to interesting articles, fan art, and even reviews of books. It’s kind of like my WordPress dashboard or old Google Reader, but with very visual content. It’s like Pinterest, but less crafty (and, I think, more thoughtful). It’s like Twitter, but with more variety in content. Also, authors use Tumblr to answer fan questions and reblog relevant content. Tumblr is a great place to go for a few minutes every day and scroll through all the content from users I follow, reblogging (and tagging) the content I find most interesting/funny/useful.

I also find it interesting that Tumblr skews toward the younger crowd. Many of the users are 12-25, which it the demographic I am most interested in for my own research. I love how these young people are interacting with literature and really thinking critically about what they are reading. My future research will probably involve some kind of a Tumblr element. We’ll see.

So now that I’ve established my Tumblr and I have connected with some great book folks over there, I hope to also connect with any readers of my WordPress blog who might also be active over there.

<—- There’s a new Tumblr icon in my sidebar, but you can also find me here at Follow me and I’ll follow back — there cannot be enough bookish stuff on my dash!

Do you use Tumblr? What drew you to the site? If you don’t, what has turned you away?

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15 responses to “So, I Discovered Tumblr

  1. I have used Tumblr daily for years! The most interesting thing about Tumblr is that there are many different sections of Tumblr, and you see different kinds of posts depending on who you follow. There’s a section of girly pictures of hair, clothes, makeup, pretty patterns, etc. Then there is the serious section of Tumblr that consists of photography, book reviews, tips for writing, news, etc. A very large portion of Tumblr is the “Fandom” section. There are fandoms for everything: bands, movies, TV shows, video games. This is sometimes known as the “nerdier” portion of Tumblr, and mostly consists of TV show fandoms (Supernatural, Doctor Who, Teen Wolf, Sherlock, etc). Tumblr is hard to define because it is sectioned out so distantly, but it’s a lot of fun no matter what kind of material you are looking for.

  2. I’m following you now. I have to be honest and say I’ve tried Tumblr, but just can’t get a bearing on it. I will watch you and maybe that will help.

  3. Do you use Tumblr? What drew you to the site? If you don’t, what has turned you away?
    Yes I use Tumblr. I love using Tumblr because I can search and Reblog things that I love on it. What drew me to the site was that I was bored one night and looking for something to do. I have only been using it since last year. Maybe in the summer. Then I made my own Tumblr which is called Things I Love.

    It is so fun to use. I did start following your Tumblr after I read this on my phone.

  4. I used to have a tumblr, but I recently finally deleted it because my procrastination levels had gone through the roof! It was a lot of fun, but it was so easy to just get sucked in for an hour, scrolling through my dash and doing nothing else. :P

  5. I have a tumblr account and my blog and some of my instagram pictures go there for my tumblr friends who prefer to follow in that platform. It’s great if you’re someone who reblogs or shares a boatload of stuff, but I don’t love it for my own use. It’s structureless in some ways and uncustomizable in others, and, at least when I was looking, hard to find how-to information.

  6. I’ve used Tumblr since my senior year of high school in 2012, towards the end of the year…i think. it’s wonderful! so many intelligent and sensitive people like myself are found there. and there’s so many responsive people on there, always willing to connect and make friends. the only thing i found annoying about tumblr was no matter how mature some were, several were also immature and got quite biased and nasty at times (anonymous comments are the worst thing.)

    i have preferred wordpress because there’s vastly more mature people…but the ease and beauty of tumblr is amazing. i always go back and find really wonderful blogs. lots of fandom blogs and astrology blogs can be found there. others as well, but that’s what i am interested in tumblr for..many fanatics like myself!

  7. Tumblr is great. That was my first blog… deleted it many time because I felt like people on there lacked creativity. But I’m glad you like it. Maybe I’ll give it another try.

  8. Interesting I’ve only just started on Tumblr, and I have to admit, it’s quite hard to get my head around how to use it. (Then again it was the same with WordPress at first). Glad to hear that it is awesome, because I have been disappointed with it so far. I keep with it for now, because your article does explain it well. Thanks.

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