United States of YA

I saw this on Epic Reads, and it was too good not to share. HOLY CRAP, y’all. A book for every state, and a challenge to boot?! Sweet. How many of these have you read? I’ve read six — kind of wimpy, but at least I’ve read the book for my state (Sarah Dessen’s The Truth About Forever). Now that I’m living in the same town as Sarah Dessen, I keep waiting to see her at at the grocery store or something. No such luck. Oh well. Enjoy this graphic!

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15 responses to “United States of YA

  1. Love this! I’ve read 18 including my state’s book, Bloodlines. It will also be a fun challenge to read across the world when they match all the countries with books. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I’ve only read The Wizard of Oz from this list! When I lived in the US I lived in North Carolina, so I would have had the same state book. Although I have read some Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever isn’t one of them. Love the idea though!

  3. I love this! So glad you shared. I’ve read 10…not amazing, but at least it’s 20%, AND I’ve read the book for my state (Wyoming)…though I now live in NY, so technically it’s The Diviners, but I haven’t read that one…yet.

  4. Amazing. Are these books set in those states or written by authors from them? In my experience, YA books I’ve read seem to be set in California disproportionately often, which seems odd as my YA reading is quite vampire focussed and you’d think they’d choose to live somewhere less sunny!
    I’m tempted to try to make one of these for England.

  5. This is totally awesome. i need a book list like this for a Good Read challenge starting in January. It must be a christian list though. Yours looks beautiful anyway. Love books so much just seeing them by cover like this is a feast.

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