John Green Week!

Guess what, guys? It’s John Green Week!

John Green week celebrates the fabulolosity that is John Green in the week leading up to the release of his new novel, The Fault in Our Stars, on January 10.

Green’s books are full of smart, quirky characters, friendships, unrequited love, and the philosophical questions that we experience as we grow older and wiser. His books appeal to teens and adults alike  because we’re all searching for love and meaning in life, but we also like to laugh while we’re doing it!

My tasks for this week will be as follows: revisiting my favorite John Green novels and moments, posting some vlogbrothers videos, and (finally) finishing/reviewing An Abundance of Katherines, the only John Green novel I haven’t yet read. My copy of The Fault In Our Stars probably won’t arrive until Jan. 17, but I can’t wait to start reading!

John Green Week is hosted by YA Bibliophile. Click here to read her post about the celebration, to see a list of other blogs hosting, and all the blogs participating.

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